Batman White Knight Present Harley Quinn #4

DC Comics

Written by Katana Collins and Sean Murphy

Art by Matteo Scalera

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Harley seeks guidance in her case and finds herself facing more ghosts from the past.

Amidst the chaos of prison, Bruce Wayne finds some unexpected confront and even gets a visit from Harley Quinn. Harley needs help with her case and, more importantly, her new partner Hector who not only seems to be obsessed with Harley but is also connected to the case personally. After getting some much needed perspective, she reveals something she doesn’t believe the former Batman knew about the night Jack became the Joker.

Harley chases a new lead after Duke finds opposition to the warrant he needs and both of them find themselves confronting Hector as he tries to break into a location that might have some clues. When they all enter the building, they discover the Producer and his Starlet waiting for them and some hard truths are revealed for Hector as he is forced to make a choice.

The Story: Collins and Murphy craft an entertaining story in this issue. The plot flows really well and the dilemmas Harley faces in both her past and present life are intriguing. Her story is what keeps the reader engaged. The rest of the story moved a little too fast and you never really got much of a sense of the conflict with Hector. Hopefully, his story and its ramifications become more compelling.

The Art: Scalera delivers some beautiful imagery throughout this issue. The characters look fantastic and the way moments are framed adds to the emotion of certain scenes.

Batman White Knight Present Harley Quinn #4



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