Batman Urban Legends #16

DC Comics

Written by Vita Ayala, Josh Trujillo, Che Grayson and Mark Russell

Art by Nikola Cizmesija, Hayden Sherman, Rosi Kampe, Serg Acuna and Karl Mostert

Colors by Nick Filardi, Marissa Louise, Ivan Plascencia and Trish Mulvihill

Letters by Steve Wands, Troy Peteri and Josh Reed

The Rundown: Four new stories showcase the heroes of Gotham City.

Bound To Our Will

Batman and Zatanna team with Constantine to make a final push to close the circle. A push that will bring the two back together in a way that will force them to confront their shared past and forge a new future.

A great finale that not only contains awesome action and thrills, but an awesome moment for the characters to reconnect in a way that feels organic and interesting. Great art throughout that is visually stunning.

Some Things Remain

Alfred’s friend has died in a Gotham nursing home and he is not the only one. Enlisting Bruce to help him, Alfred infiltrates the facility and discovers the fate of the missing and dead. A discovery that will put him in mortal danger.

This is a great short story that not only showcases how versatile Alfred is as a character, but also the strength of his relationship to Bruce.

Memory Lane

Katana and her allies face betrayal as they get closer to shutting down Memory Lane, but there is a new player getting ready to make her move in Gotham City.

The story has some great tension throughout and the dynamic between Katana and Shiva continues to be one of the more interesting aspects of the plot.


In an underground fight club, Batman finds himself facing off against a bear. As his villains bid on who will win, the Dark Knight will need some assistance from Ace the Bat-Hound.

This is a fun and entertaining short that actually has a lot of heart throughout and some fun art.

Batman Urban Legends #16



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