Batman The Knight #8

DC Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Carmine Di Giandomenico

Colors by Ivan Plascencia

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: A series of personal attacks pushes Bruce to find a mentor to help him conquer his fear.

Bruce continues his training, but when someone cuts his line, he decides that his rival Anton is pushing him to his limits. After searching out a new mentor, he begins training on how to overcome both his fear and the limitation of his mind and body. A journey that will lead to some tragic revelations.

When an injured Anton arrives at the house, Bruce learns quickly that he is being hunted by someone a lot more dangerous. Someone who wants to complete his training. Someone he will decide to pay a visit to.

The Story: Zdarsky delivers an entertaining and compelling story in this issue. Bruce is confronted with everything that he believes and the way his beliefs and mission continue to be tested make the series engaging to the reader. I enjoyed the reveals in this issue and how they are used to setup something darker and more interesting for Bruce to face next.

The Art: Carmine Di Giandomenico deliver some beautifully detailed art that is filled with action. The character designs and emotions come through on each page.

Batman The Knight #8



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