STL147520Amazing Spider-Man #42

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Ryan Ottley

Inks by Cliff Rathburn

Colors by Nathan Fairbairn

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Spidey and Boomerang find themselves face to giant face with an old foe on a new mission.


If there was one creature Spider-Man was not expecting to see on his mission to find the pieces of the Lifeline Tablet, it was the alien Gog. As the creature attacks the pair, Spider-Man has to tell his new ally who Gog is as he wonders why the alien is on the attack.

At this point Gog takes over to tell his own story and it is a story of love, loss and loyalty. It shows how the creature was torn from the only person he’s ever loved and his unwavering desire to return to him even in the wake of being used by supervillains like Kraven and Doctor Octopus. His story will see the creature used and manipulated until he is finally returned to home just in time for more tragedy to force his return as well as his connection to the Lifeline Tablet itself.

The Story: A fun, light story that does a good job of moving the story in interesting directions without losing the thread of the plot. Rather than just having Spidey duke it out with Gog, Nick Spencer does something clever in giving over the rest of the issue to Gog’s journey. The story itself is compelling, sweet and engaging without being to schmaltzy. It has a good balance of humor and tragedy as well and that makes the story work.

The Art: Ryan Ottley’s art is fantastic. There are some great panels showcasing the size and power of Gog, but also sequences that feature the creature in the comfort of those who care about him and that contrast is beautifully done.

Amazing Spider-Man #42




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