Batman Superman #18

DC Comics

Written by Gene Luen Yang

Art by Ivan Reis and Jose Luis

Inks by Danny Miki and Jonas Trindade

Colors by Sabine Rich

Letters by Saida Temfonte

The Rundown: The heroes find themselves facing off against a new threat both in the real world and the one its created.

In the real world, Batman and Superman face off against Auteur.10 and discover that it is a form of corrupted Luthor technology. After Batman disables its kryptonite, he and Clark are able to escape and come up with a plan to stop it. Unfortunately, the kryptonite isn’t the only dangerous object the villain has at its disposal.

In the parallel universes created by the creature, Superman and Batman find themselves returning to Superman’s world on the hunt for Dr. Atom. After finding themselves below Wayne Manor, Batman will discover the strange new circumstances of this world when his mother tries to kill him. At the same time, both heroes will discover the shocking truth of who Dr. Atom really is.

The Story: While there are still some fun elements in this story, the plotting of it is starting to feel tedious. The pace of the story never allows the interesting changes and circumstances to be explored beyond the surface so the reader has no real reason to care about anything that’s happening. There are aspects to enjoy in the adventure, but its pace is meandering at times and at some point I was just waiting for it to end.

The Art: Reis and Luis do a great job with the art and how it flows from one world to another. I wish the story was as compelling as the art.

Batman Superman #18



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