Batman: Reptilian #2

DC Comics

Written by Garth Ennis

Art by Liam Sharp

Letters by Rob Steen

The Rundown: Batman continues his search for a deadly killer.

Batman finds the Penguin in a compromising position. When he questions Penguin on the mystery killer, Batman is left with unsatisfactory answers. However, he is still able to formulate a theory. Later on, Alfred chastises Batman for his ruthless techniques. Afterwards, he receives a call from an informant. And this leads Batman to move his search to the sewers. Once there, he encounters something unexpected. Then, he receives important information from a surprising source. Batman must then use this knowledge to continue his search.

The Story: Ennis’s dark and his brutal narrative continues in the second chapter of this tale. I am very impressed with the portrayal of Batman. This version of the masked vigilante is terrifying in his calculated efforts to cower and extract information his enemies. His threats and tactics are fleshed out in a way that makes his heroism questionable. And I find this more nuanced character to be very realistic to the world he inhabits.

Batman’s detective abilities are also at the forefront of this tale. Everything he does in this episode is to forward his case. And the way he is able to decipher information is indeed indicative of his label as the world’s greatest detective. I am definitely hooked on this story-line and all the mystery that surrounds it.

The Art: Liam Sharp once again delivers his sinister, otherworldly vision of Gotham City in this masterfully crafted issue. Each panel is alluring and emotionally engaging. The tone is a perfect match for the tale. And the hyper-realism style used is fully transportive. In my opinion, Sharp’s artwork make the books in this series instant collectables.

Batman: Reptilian #2



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