Batman Incorporated #2

DC Comics

Written by Ed Brisson

Art by John Timms

Colors by Rex Lokus

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The killer of Ghost-Maker’s mentors continues and his newest protégé will discover something disturbing.

Ghost-Maker’s mentors continue to be murdered and Batman Incorporated has been split up to protect the ones that remain. Unfortunately, they will discover that these mentors are still incredibly dangerous on their own. Their investigations will also cast a shadow over the man they are taking their orders from and what he has to do with the murders.

At the same time, Ghost-Maker attempts to subdue another one of his mentors in order to help her. When Clownhunter intervenes, things become tense when a secret almost slips out. A secret that will come back to haunt them both when Clownhunter goes missing and discovers who has taken him.

The Story: Brisson crafts an entertaining story that has some interesting tension within it. While Ghost-Maker continues to be an interesting character, the rest of Batman Incorporated seems to be shrinking into the background of their own story. I don’t get a sense of the characters at all in this issue and collectively they seem to be too incompetent to be believed as heroes in comparison to Ghost-Maker.

The Art: Timms delivers some beautiful art in the issue. There are different locations and characters on every page and the art gives the reader a great sense of the place these characters inhabit.

Batman Incorporated #2



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