Batman Beyond the White Knight #1

DC Comics

Written by Sean Murphy

Art by Sean Murphy

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Bruce Wayne discovers someone has taken up the mantle of the bat in a Gotham that has changed around him.

Years after Bruce Wayne was sent to prison, the remains of Wayne Manor are looted by a young man looking for a special suit. After finding it and putting it on, he enters a violent clash with guards before heading out into the night. At the same time, Bruce finds himself putting down another riot at the prison and helping to free Jason Todd. In the aftermath, Bruce and Jason attempt to mend some fences between the two of them before Bruce discovers not only what happened to his suit, but also what happened to both his company and his city while he’s been gone.

Harley deals with both raising teenagers and the legacy of Joker as Bruce decides to break out of prison to hunt down whoever has taken on the mantle of Batman. Unfortunately, his escape will reveal something unexpected.

The Story: Murphy delivers the start of a great mystery with some familiar faces taking on new and interesting roles. At the same time, the story has some great emotional moments as well with the moments between Bruce and Jason and I like seeing how the world of this story has evolved and changed. The end of the issue has an awesome reveal that I look forward to seeing play out as the story progresses.

The Art: Murphy has a wonderful visual eye for both character and action. The style is fantastic and the action moments are both thrilling and fun to see.

Batman Beyond the White Knight #1



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