Batman 89 #1

DC Comics

Written by Sam Hamm

Art by Joe Quinones

Colors by Leonardo Ito

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The District Attorney of Gotham City declares war on Batman.

In the aftermath of the last attack on Gotham City, the city itself and its citizens are trying to find a sense of normalcy again. On Halloween night, the citizens take to the streets to celebrate again and Harvey Dent takes Barbara Gordon out for dinner. As he talks about his ambitions, a coordinated attack by former henchmen of the Joker catches the attention of Batman. After foiling the attack, Dent finds himself fending off muggers and making a pledge to change the city.

In the aftermath, Dent decides to seek out the help of Bruce Wayne. After striking out, he and Barbara continue their own investigation into the Batman before Dent enlists some help from an old friend to turn public opinion against the vigilante. When the National Guard takes over the streets of Gotham, Batman will find his mission getting more complicated.

The Story: Sam Hamm does a great job of continuing the legacy of the Tim Burton film in this comic. The first issue has a great mixture of action, adventure and intrigue. The deep dive into Harvey Dent as a character is well done and the story takes a step into the wider world of Gotham and its citizens. Hamm does a great job of drawing me in as a fan of the film and a comic reader. The different character stories being laid out including the relationship between Dent and Barbara is going to be interesting to see grow and evolve.

The Art: John Quinones does great work with the art in the issue. I love the visual style of the issue and there are some subtle cameos from other Burton characters sprinkled in that are awesome.

Batman 89 #1




  • Has the look and feel of the 1989 movie and is shaping up to be a great continuation of that story. Does a great job of playing into the nostalgia of the original film.


  • Not enough Batman in the story and nothing to really hook new readers.

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