Batman #88

DC Comics

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Guillem March

Colors by Tomeu Morey

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: As Batman goes after the escaped assassins, Catwoman desperately works to confirm her greatest fear hasn’t been realized.


With Cheshire in custody, Batman finds out that the other assassins have been taken from their secure cells. He and Lucius find a new way to traverse the city and Batman goes on the hunt for the villains before they can reacquire their targets. The assassins themselves find themselves captures by Penguin who knows that the architect behind this plan has deadlier plans for both the city and the villains who betrayed him, including Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman.

Catwoman finds herself in a cemetery, digging up the body of the person she was sure she and the other villains had taken care of years ago and her communications with Riddler confirm that her new life with Batman is threatened by the sins of her past. A sin that will not only resurface, but will require the intervention of a familiar face.

The Story: James Tynion IV is crafting an intense and intriguing new story for the Dark Knight. It is filled with twists and turns that I couldn’t see coming and drama that could dramatically change the dynamics between Batman and Catwoman. The mystery being created is interesting and each part that gets uncovered grabs the attention of the reader with palpable tension and dialogue that hints at something dangerous to come.

The Art: Guillem March delivers some beautiful, brutal and dynamic art throughout this issue. The characters and action look amazing and there are some stunning panels that deliver real jolts of potential fear for the characters. Even the reveals are done dramatically in panels filled with gorgeous detail.

Batman #88




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