Batman #81

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by John Romita Jr and Mitch Gerads

Inks by Klaus Janson and Mitch Gerads

Colors by Tomeu Morey and Mitch Gerads

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Batman has returned to Gotham and he will confront Bane with the one weapon the villain never considered in the Dark Knight’s arsenal.


Thomas Wayne confronts his grandson with the barrel of a pistol pointed at his head. His hesitation to kill a member of his family is all the Boy Wonder needs to disarm him and show him what real family means when Thomas finds himself surrounded by the rest of the Bat-Family.

Batman and Catwoman have fought their way to the gates of Arkham to make their stand against Bane. As they fight their way through the facility, Bruce reveals to Selina the truth about his defeat at the hands of Bane and the steps he took to ensure that both he and the family would be safe as he worked his way back. With everything out in the open, Batma and Catwoman make their way deeper into the facility and one step closer to Bane.

The Story: Tom King crafts a clever and engrossing story in this issue. The plot is great and the pace of the story unfolds in a way that is both exciting and revelatory. There are a lot of moving parts to this issue and King does an excellent job of laying them out for the reader in ways that are entertaining and engaging. There is a reveal in this issue that is brilliantly executed and should be experienced.

The Art: John Romita Jr and Mitch Gerads create some beautiful art in this issue. Romita Jr’s gritty style is perfect for this heavily action oriented issue and Mitch Gerads follow up story with Bullock is a brilliant tie in to the Justice/Doom War.

Batman #81




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  • Bret

    October 16, 2019 - 2:26 pm

    What did you like? You gave it a 9.2 but all you did was say what happened. You say it’s exciting… what was exciting? What parts were moving? The slap explanation.. you cool with that? The mountain explanation.. your cool with that too? Alfred escaping? The bat family entering the cave when the justice league couldn’t? How bout how Thomas Wayne getting a beat down and popping up and asking for tea? Come on man…. this was terrible

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