batman42Batman #42

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Mikel Janin

Color by June Chung

The world is perfect. There is no disease, no war and no negativity. Everyone on the planet is under the spell and control of Poison Ivy. Everyone except Batman and Catwoman.

As they decide to leave Wayne Manor, they are both aware that they are under constant surveillance by Superman and they decide to go out. They make their way to a restaurant and there is a funny exchange between the two of them regarding the plans for their upcoming wedding and Ivy’s potential role in it. All the while, the Man of Steel keeps watchful eye and everyone around them is connected to Ivy.


As the pair make their way to a nondescript house, the banter continues and includes a pretty clever way to get Superman of their backs for a moment. As a reader, you immediately get the feeling that there is something significant about this house and whoever lives in it, especially when they are attacked by another member of the Justice League walking up to it. As they enter the house, Batman figures out that the person they’re looking for is not there and that Ivy is afraid of that person being found.

Batman and Catwoman find themselves in a precarious situation with Ivy in control of everyone. Bruce decides to tell Ivy what he knows and what he reveals causes Ivy to react. A reaction that might make the couple’s future wedding plans a moot point.

I continue to be a fan of this book and the creative team writing and drawing it. The fact that King can create a world this dense with great story and a sense of humor is a testament to his talent. This was actually a pretty fun issue to read even with how grim the overall storyline is in comparison. The art is top-notch and I love how it blends with the color in each page. A great story that I want to read more of.


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