Batgirl #49

DC Comics

Written by Cecil Castellucci

Art by Robbi Rodriquez

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Barbara’s life gets more complicated when she discovers who has been murdering surrogate Batgirls.

With the news quickly spreading that Batgirl is dead, Barbara takes to the streets to learn more about the crime. As she continues her investigation, another victim surfaces and her job becomes more complicated by the interference of both her estranged brother and father. When a third victim is discovered, James Gordon decides to keep a closer eye on his daughter as a potential next victim.

Batgirl takes to the streets to after discovering a disturbing pattern to the murders and the victim locations. Fearing the worst, she finds herself face to face with the killer and in confronting him, tears her family apart.

The Story: Cecil Castellucci does an awesome job of bringing this story to a thrilling and emotional climax. Barbara is given agency and presence throughout and the story focuses on her skills as a detective as an evolving and compelling narrative takes shape for the characters. The problems in Barbara’s personal life continue to have relevance and the story moves brilliantly to the final reveal and its implications for Batgirl and her future.

The Art: Robbi Rodriquez has some beautiful artwork throughout this issue. There is a sharp, rich quality to the panels and the characters truly stand out. A brilliant move with the story being so character focused and personal for Barbara. I loved the visual journey this issue took me on as a reader and the tone of the art is perfect.  

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