Basketful of Heads #3

DC Comics/ DC Black Label

Written by Joe Hill

Art by Leomacs

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: Fighting for her life, her boyfriend and her sanity, June will discover that the list of people she can trust keeps getting shorter.


In the aftermath of the flood and with rain still falling, June finds herself hold up in a gazebo with the mysterious axe she took and the talking head of the man she used it on. After some tense back and forth, the head reveals that his name is Sal and that he and the others were after her boyfriend Liam because of some missing money he never turned in.

After listening to his story, June heads back to the house to discover the power is still out and the buggy is gone. She decides to hitch a ride with one of the locals. When she discovers something linking the man to Liam’s disappearance, the fight for her life becomes more intense.

The Story: The story keeps getting better and better with each issue. Joe Hill knows how to ramp up the terror and tension and does so expertly in this issue. The dialogue is excellently written and the plot moves along with a natural pace that helps to enhance the terror of the last few pages. This issue ends with a great cliffhanger that hooked me and I have to know what happens next.

The Art: Leomacs has some great art in this issue. The characters look great and the use of shadows is brilliant. The moments between June and Sal look great and there is some real menace to Sal even though he’s just a head.


Basketful of Heads #3




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