Backtrack #1

Oni Press

Written by Brian Joines

Art by Jake Elphick

Colors by Doug Garbark

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: Alyson Levy is given a chance to put her driving skills to the test in a race to reverse a personal tragedy.


Whatever happened to Alyson Levy was so bad that it and the late night drinking have her slowly spiraling out of control. With her life spinning out of control and no future in sight, Levy will find herself bouncing from bar to bar until she ends up across the table from the mysterious Casper Quellex.

Instantly suspicious of the man and his offer to reverse the worst thing that happened to her, former wheelman Levy is convinced that there is more to the man’s offer than meets the eye when she receives a video message that reveals the possibility that the man is telling the truth. After qualifying for the race, Levy and the rest of the racers begin the course only to find themselves transported from L.A. to a jungle where they are chased and some killed by rampaging dinosaurs.

When the racers find a safe area, Levy and the others discover one of their fellow racers knows more about Quellex and this unique race than he’s let on.

The Story: This is an incredibly interesting high concept story. Joines engages the reader right away with a main character that is well defined and shaped by a tragedy that should be interesting to see unfold over time. The plot is fast paced and fun with some great dialogue and character moments throughout. It’s like a twisted Cannonball Run with some unique and intriguing stakes for the characters. It will be interesting to see where this story and these characters go next.

The Art: Jake Elphick delivers some great, kinetic art throughout this issue. The racing scenes have a sense of motion and energy to them and character moments are filled with beautiful details.

Backtrack #1




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