Avengers Halloween Special #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Rob Fee, Gerry Duggan, Jen and Sylvia Soska, Jay Baruchel and Robbie Thompson

Art by Eoin Marron, Laura Braga, Jonas Scharf, Luca Pizzari and Bob Quinn

Colors by Mike Spicer, Arif Prianto, Jordan Boyd, Michael Garland and Cris Peter

This anthology issue is broken up into five separate stories that explore dark, alternate worlds for the heroes of the Marvel universe.

In “The Eyes Have It”, Matt Murdock decides to submit to an experimental procedure that will restore his sight by replacing his eyes with those of a donor. When his vision is restored, he is subjected to visions of horror featuring the people in his life who are long dead and he finds out too late that it has all been orchestrated by his greatest foe.

A short feature in this book, but effective in the horror it’s trying to convey. Even though the characterization of Murdock is a little off, the reveal in the final few panels is effective and chilling.

“Whatever Happened to the Richards Family” finds a sullen Victor Von Doom sitting in his castle watching the return of Fantastic Four to Earth after getting their powers. As he watches the scene with growing hatred, he realizes that something is wrong. After traveling to the Baxter Building, Doom attacks the team and kills everyone but the missing Sue Storm. When he is captured by the Avengers and imprisoned, Sue appears in his cell and confirms that Doom was right about his suspicions and there is nothing he can do about it.

An interesting story that puts a new spin on the Doom character and his vendetta against the Fantastic Four. Another chilling ending as well, which I enjoyed.

“The Thing From Another Time” finds a desperate Tony Stark searching for a biological weapon developed by his father to change his fortunes after a hostile takeover. He enlists Colossus and Deadpool to help him and his discovery bears fruit; he finds a thawed and alive Captain America. Unfortunately, when his team goes to greet the Captain, everyone discovers that Steve Rogers is no longer human.

This is a fun homage to John Carpenter’s The Thing and I enjoyed everything about, especially the ambiguous ending.

In “Punisher Of The Opera”, a French police officer laments the loss of his opera singer wife and children at the hands of her jealous understudy. He stalks the catacombs of France after losing everything that he loved until he comes upon the Opera House and witnesses the understudy and her boyfriend celebrating the murders they committed. Finally finding a purpose, he dons a disguise, sneaks into the Opera House and enacts his plan for punishment.


Avengers Halloween Special #1




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