Avengers Endgame is sitting on top of the world as the highest grossing film of all time and it has just been released on Digital.

With any digital release of this magnitude, there are always a ton of special features meant to enhance your enjoyment of the film and appreciate all the work that went into making it. So here is a review of the Special Features available in the Digital Release of Avengers Endgame.

The Russo Factor


Basically a little over two and half minutes of the cast and producers talking about the unique vision and decision to bring the Russo Brothers on to direct Endgame. It’s gratifying to see their journey from Captain America: Winter Soldier to Endgame played out with a team of people who believed in their talent and ability. Wish it were longer.


A Man Out of Time: Creating Captain America


The screenwriters for all three Captain America movies recount their journey to finding the character and how they brought Steve’s story to the screen. The cast and producers also talk about Chris Evans’ reluctance to take the role and how he has evolved with the role over time. A definite love letter to the character and how much everyone appreciates Chris Evans for playing him.


Black Widow: Whatever it Takes


Scarlett Johansson’s journey as Natasha Romanov from her first appearance in Iron Man 2 is highlighted in this feature. Her place in the Marvel Universe as well as her evolution as a character are detailed as well as her journey from loner to member of a family. Good, but could have been longer.


Bro Thor


Chris Hemsworth’s legacy as Thor and his transformation to the Thor in Endgame is a fun and funny behind the scenes feature that could have been its own gag reel. A great feature that was fun to watch.


Deleted Scenes

Scenes cut from the film including an extended scene with Tony and Pepper in the kitchen are highlighted. The cut moment from the finale is shown as well and gives additional emotional impact and weight to Tony’s sacrifice.


Gag Reel

A short look at moments with the cast breaking character and having fun on set. Not enough Thor moments and way too short.


Remembering Stan Lee


An emotional montage of Stan’s cameos throughout the years along with moments with the man himself reflecting on his history with the characters and his love of cameos. A fun, bittersweet farewell with great moments from the cast and crew of Marvel movies spending time with Stan and genuinely enjoying that time.


Setting the Tone: Casting Robert Downey Jr.


Everyone from Kevin Feige down talks about the decision to cast RDJ as Tony Stark and how they couldn’t imagine anyone else in the role. The journey to get him the role is highlighted as well with screen tests from the first Iron Man film and an interview with the man himself about his gratitude to everyone who allowed him to bring the character to life. Worth watching.


Steve and Peggy: One Last Dance


The journey of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter is highlighted as Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell talk about their journey with the characters and how special the relationship between the two of them is.


The Russo Brothers Journey to Endgame

The work and journey of the Russo Brothers is the subject of this feature as the cast and crew talk about how their vision of Infinity War and Endgame evolved from Civil War. They all admire the time, effort and skill it took to film both Avengers movies at the same time and that comes through in their testimony.


The Women of the MCU


The iconic moment in Endgame where the female heroes of the MCU gather is highlighted in this feature which showcases the actors talking about how iconic that moment was, how much they admire each other and how emotional it was to have each other’s backs on set and in the moment. It’s a powerful feature.


Avengers Endgame is currently available on Digital.

Avengers Endgame




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