Josh Boone’s long gestating adaptation of Stephen King’s classic The Stand is moving forward at CBS All-Access as a 10 episode series for the streaming service and the author of the book himself is contributing something new to the project.

According to multiple confirmed reports from Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter, CBS All-Access has named the first four members of the cast for the upcoming series and confirmed who they will be playing.


Westworld’s James Marsden (long rumored to be circling the project) has been cast as Stuart Redman. Redman is the working class, everyman hero of the story who finds himself thrust into the role of leader after a government created virus wipes out 99% of the world’s population.


Odessa Young (A Million Little Pieces) will play Frannie Goldsmith. Fran is pregnant when the story begins and must deal with the potential new life she’s carrying in a world surrounded by the dead and dying.


Amber Heard (Aquaman) will play Nadine Cross. Nadine is a former school teacher who finds herself conflicted by her feelings for musician and fellow survivor Larry Underwood and her destiny to be with the “Dark Man” Randall Flagg.


Henry Zaga (13 Reasons Why) will play Nick Andros in the Josh Boone directed series. Nick is a deaf and mute young man who finds himself thrust into authority he doesn’t want in a community he never thought he would be part of.

In addition to confirming these principal cast members, Deadline is also reporting that Stephen King is writing the final episode of the series and will add a new ending that is not featured in the book. According to CBS All Access EVP Julie McNamara; “For fans of the book who have wondered what became of the survivors of the stand, this episode will contain a story that takes us beyond the book to answer those questions,” she continued “A continuation to The Stand; we can’t wait to share that with the world.”

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