After finishing a stellar fifth season of the hit show Arrow on the CW and showing off his real world athletic prowess on a charity episode of American Ninja Warrior, Stephen Amell is not resting on his laurels and will be taking on a new project that’s going to be a family affair.

Amell is joining the cast of the Sci-Fi thriller Code 8, a feature film adapted from a short film with the same cast. Code 8 is the story of a dystopian future where 4% of the population has developed super powers. Rather than having their powers used by the government, they are forced to live in poverty as social pariahs.

When a young “special” named Reed (played by The Flash star and Stephen’s cousin Robbie Amell) needs money to help care for his ailing mother, he turns to Stephen’s character who brings him into the criminal underworld by having him work for a drug lord.

Joining the Amell’s on screen is Sung Kang, who plays Han in The Fast and the Furious franchise, as the Sung Kang, an officer with the militarized police force tasked with taking down Reed.

Stephen and Robbie Amell will also serve as executive producers on the film that has started production this month with a summer 2019 release date. You can check out the original short film here.

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