Aquaman and The Flash Voidsong #3

DC Comics

Written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing

Art by Vasco Georgiev

Colors by Rain Beredo

Letters by Troy Peteri

The Rundown: Arthur and Barry must put their differences aside to save the world.

Aquaman and Flash rocket out into space aboard a ship powered by stolen speed force energy. A revelation that has seriously damaged their already tense friendship. As the pair make their way closer to the Voidsong, its power grows causing them to crash onto the giant vessel.

Barry wakes up and finds himself confronted by Iris who wants to know what he really wants while Arthur faces the creature directly and is confronted by how similar they are to each other. Arthur learns something interesting in his encounter. Something that might just help him free Barry and save the world.

The Story: Kelly and Lanzing bring the story to an entertaining and satisfying conclusion. While the Voidsong conclusion was not as compelling as the threat has been throughout the series, the way the characters interacted with each other made it worth the read. It would be interesting to see how these characters could come together in the future so that their unique dynamic could be explored again.

The Art: Georgiev delivers some impressive visuals throughout the issue. I really enjoyed the visual style of the story and there are some great thrilling moments within the story itself.

Aquaman and The Flash Voidsong #3



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