Apex Legends: Overtime #3

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Jesse Stern

Art by Neil Edwards

Inks by Keith Champagne

Colors by Antonio Fabela

Letters by Nate Piekos

The Story: Several Legends find themselves in a series of confrontations with deadly enemies.

Watson and Rampart discover Caustic’s unexpected new experiment. They then have a terrifying confrontation that reeks havoc on the city. Elsewhere three other Legends are enjoying dinner when a commotion causes them to investigate. An altercation with someone unexpected leads Gibralter to an interesting discovery. When the group goes to the local hospital, they run into the rest of the Legends featured over the series. Then a dangerous foe presents a deadly problem and the team must discover a solution.

The Rundown: The penultimate episode in this series does a great job with both introducing new characters as well as combining the storyline into one cohesive unit. I like how this chapter shows the personalities of the different Legends and how they react to their celebrity status. And then there are the battle sequences. The dialogue and plot points feel very much like a video game and I am sure gaming fans are really appreciative of this styling. I enjoyed this chapter and am excited to find out how this adventure concludes.

The Art: This is a fun and exciting issue that is filled with intense action sequences. The colorful and highly detailed illustrations are engaging and emotionally connective. I also felt the tone of the story was perfectly captured with each scene.

Apex Legends: Overtime #3



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