Ant-Man #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Zeb Wells

Art by Dylan Burnett

Colors by Mike Spicer

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Macrothrax unleashes a devastating attack on Scott’s home as part of its plan to destroy humanity.


Scott and Cassie race back to the anthill Scott has been living in with his colony only to discover that Macrothrax has already attacked and slaughtered everyone inside in order to take the Pym Particles. It’s a devastating attack that will bring Cassie and Scott together to seek justice by traveling to the Savage Land.

Macrothrax appeals to the Worldhive to allow him to lead their forces against humanity. Unfortunately, he finds his request denied and Scott and Cassie preparing to use a new weapon to stop him. After discovering he can use that weapon himself, Macrothrax makes his move to take over the Worldhive itself and begin his destruction of humanity.

The Story: A fun, entertaining story that ends with some big stakes for Ant-Man. Zeb Wells continues to build this story and fill it with humor and heart as it moves towards what is shaping up to be a big, bombastic conclusion. There is enough humor in the story to keep the reader engaged and the heart lies in Scott and Cassie. Having the daughter be the driving force to focus her father and keep him moving is sweet. Macrothrax has lost a lot of his edge since being introduced so he seems more diminished in this one and less menacing. It will be interesting to see how Wells wraps up this story.

The Art: Dylan Burnett’s style matches perfectly with Wells’ sensibility and tone. The art is light and fun. It captures the emotion of the moment as well as the heart. A fun looking issue with some great visual moments throughout.

Ant-Man #4




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