751502._SX1280_QL80_TTD_American Carnage #5

DC Vertigo

Written by Bryan Hill

Art by Leandro Fernandez

Colors  by Dean White

Letters by Pat Brosseau

Richard’s assignment and his life are getting more complicated by the second. When he wakes up on the beach with both Morgan and the man who attacked and framed him for murder standing over him, he only has a few seconds to fall back into his role of ex-junkie. His performance will help determine his fate.


At the same time, Agent Curry is called to a meeting with an increasingly popular Senatorial candidate who has some interesting information about the financial dealings of Wynn Morgan. Information that could be helpful to both of them. Unfortunately, the candidate’s connection to the crimes themselves and his cavalier and presumptive attitude turns the conversation in a direction that he will not like from Sheila.

Wynn and his associate continue to teach Richard a bloody lesson until the man finally breaks down. When he returns to his hotel, Jennifer is waiting for him. The woman tells him to leave and not get involved with her father under risk of being changed by the experience. After she leaves, Richard calls Sheila and lets her listen in as he takes on the task assigned to him by Morgan. A task that will change everything about Richard’s assignment going forward.

Bryan Hill is pushing both the politics of this issue as well as the story and it works on many levels. None of the expectations that you have for the characters plays out the way you expect and that uncertainty allows for the drama to grab the reader and engage.

Leandro Fernandez has some impressive art in this issue. Many of the panels are filled with visceral and beautiful details throughout.

American Carnage #5




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