Amazing Spider-Man #32

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Patrick Gleason

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Peter’s new life on campus is interrupted with a new mission and Spider-Man 2099 finds himself in the present on the hunt for answers.


Peter is thinking about MJ and the fact that he couldn’t say good-bye to her in person when he’s interrupted by the members of his research group who continue to give him grief about how he got back into college and his past at Parker Industries. When a fire alarm clears the library, Theresa emerges to take Spider-Man on a mission to take down Chameleon before he sells some dangerous chemicals to the Foreigner.

Unfortunately for Peter, there is more to this mission than meets the eye.

At the same time, Miguel O’Hara wakes up in a Roxxon research facility after crashing into an oil rig. Confused and disoriented, Spider-Man 2099 needs to escape and find the one person who can give him answers to why he’s in the present; Peter Parker.

The Story: The best thing about this issue is the dual storylines running throughout it. Peter is still dealing with his new life while also having a sister who happens to be a spy. His concern for her is a plot point that Nick Spencer is utilizing well to add new elements to Spidey’s story. The introduction of Miguel into this story is handled brilliantly and his story is just as compelling with great dialogue and tension throughout.

The Art: Patrick Gleason delivers some beautiful art in this issue and I really enjoy how his style complements and enhances the story Spencer is trying to tell.

Amazing Spider-Man #32




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