Amazing Spider-Man #12

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Ryan Ottley

Inks by Cliff Rathburn

Colors by Laura Martin

Letters by Joe Caramagna

This is your life J Jonah Jameson! Hopefully, it won’t be the end of it.

After being lured into an elaborate trap by a mystery man, Peter and Jonah find themselves facing a truly horrific ordeal, Jameson family home movies.

While JJ relishes in all the attention being paid to him and his journey, Spidey is having a hard time keeping Jameson focused on the fact that they are caught in a death trap surrounded by creatures and devices built or commissioned by Jameson to murder Spider-Man.

As their mysterious host recounts Jameson’s vendetta against the wall-crawler, he’s secretly in contact with the designer behind this nightmare, Arcade.

Spider-Man has to keep Jonah alive and focused enough to take out Scorpion and a group of Spider Slayers before the man behind the curtain begins the next part of his plan.

Another relentlessly fun issue from Nick Spencer. The humor and heart are there as well as the feel of classic Spider-Man storytelling. This was an enjoyable story and I enjoyed the contrast between the complicated history between Spider-Man and Jameson and the new dynamic they’re trying to navigate as allies.

Ottley’s art is great. There is so much energy and expression in his panels and the emotions conveyed on the faces of the characters really complement the tone of the narrative. Really enjoyable.

Amazing Spider-Man #12




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