Amazing Fantasy #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Kaare Kyle Andrews

Art by Kaare Kyle Andrews

Colors by Brian Reber

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: The heroes face betrayal from those they trusted as a new evil prepares to create an army of the dead.

Peter must face first his own sins and the betrayal of Uncle Ben who blames him for his death. A weakened Peter tries to apologize to his uncle only to get locked in a cell as his reward. In the aftermath, Ben goes looking for the man he came for, Steve Rogers. Steve is confronted by Ben and his mysterious benefactor. After discovering the body of the boy he swore to protect, Steve discovers he is not alone in the cell when Natasha confronts him as well. Back at the palace, the man who betrayed everyone reveals himself and his connection to the slaughter on the battlefield.

Steve and the others quickly realize what happens when the dead die again and are powerless to stop the army of creatures of massing. Ren goes to meet with the mysterious Baron and attacks, but the Baron has protection of his own. A surprised Ben finds himself betrayed and Ren and Peter is able to escape with weapons that might save them all from a fate worse than death.

The Story: Andrews continues to craft a compelling and entertaining mystery in this issue. The story has some engaging themes throughout and the characters have a unique perspective that makes them interesting. I really enjoyed the progression of the story along with its twists and turns. I cannot wait to see how it ends.

The Art: Andrews delivers some beautiful and gorgeously detailed visuals throughout the issue. The atmosphere of this world is visually intriguing.

Amazing Fantasy #4



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