Amazing Fantasy #1000

Marvel Comics

Written by Anthony Falcone, Michael Cho, Dan Slott, Armando Iannucci, Rainbow Rowell, Ho Che Anderson, Kurt Busiek, Jonathan Hickman and Neil Gaiman

Art by Michael Cho, Jim Cheung, Ryan Stegman, Olivier Coipel, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Terry Dodson, Marco Checchetto and Steve McNiven

Inks by JP Mayer, Klaus Janson

Colors by Jay David Ramos, Sonia Oback, Matt Wilson, Jordie Bellaire, Rachel Dodson, Frank Martin, Steve McNiven and Richard Isanove

Letters by Joe Sabino, Ariana Maher. Clayton Cowles and Todd Klein

The Rundown: A series of stories celebrate the world of Spider-Man.

Just Some Guy

Frankie Fama loves superheroes. Especially when they are defending the world and not paying attention to the crimes he’s committing at the time. The only hero who seems to pay attention to him is Spider-Man who constantly foils his plans. With large, world shaking events happening everywhere in the city, Frankie learns a hard lesson about why Spider-Man cares about his little crimes.

A fun, entertaining story that encapsulates the essence of who Spider-Man is filled with great art.

Spider-Man vs His Sinister 60th

It’s Peter Parker’s 60th birthday and he’s spending it doing what he always does, fighting crime. This time it’s taking on the new Vulture. After taking him down, Peter tells MJ he’s on his way to meet her. Unfortunately, stopping a robber ends up with Spider-Man getting shot and winding up in the hospital clinging to life.

An entertaining short that showcases the impact Spider-Man has on the city and its people and how that legacy is celebrated.

Spider-Man vs Conspiriton

Peter finds himself dealing with a new and unique kind of problem in the city. Anyone reading the Daily Bugle starts seeing what they want to see in its headlines and stories. It gets so bad that Peter realizes that people are getting violent based on their own biases. Biases that are being fed by a villain who wants to bring down truth itself.

A fun Spidey adventure that has some entertaining real world relevance while keeping the fun action and adventure elements thrilling to the reader.

The Kid’s Got A Good Eye

Bored with taking pictures of his alter-ego, Peter Parker decides to put his photography skills to the test and capture the city in his own way. Unfortunately, Jameson is not a fan of Peter’s new creative direction, but there is someone who sees his talent.

A great look at the essence of Peter Parker with a fun, light tone that emphasizes character.

In The Flesh

A woman dealing with a mental health crisis that includes delusions about spiders in her skin finds herself having to be rescued by her worst fear, Spider-Man.

The story is interesting and entertaining. I enjoyed how respectful the story is to mental health issues, but the tone felt off in relation to the stories that preceded it.

Slaves of the Witch Queen

A small time hood convinces an Egyptian warlord to conquer New York. With her undead army marching on the city, she runs into Spider-Man who shows her that New York might be tougher to conquer than she imagined.

An incredibly fun and engaging short story filled with great humor and amazing art.

You Get It

Spider-Man travels into the Spider-Verse to have a discussion with his fellow wall crawlers from across the multiverse and learns about their lives and how different they are from him. He also gets a much needed lesson in what it takes to be Spider-Man and what it requires.

A great short story that is filled with humor, heart and a wonderful message that resonates with fans of the character.

With Great Power…

Writer Neil Gaiman discusses his personal relationship with the character of Spider-Man and how he and his co-creator Steve Ditko helped him develop his voice as a storyteller.

A wonderful tribute to the character, his influence and the man who helped bring him to life.

Amazing Fantasy #1000



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