Amazing Fantasy #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Kaare Andrews

Art by Kaare Andrews

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Heroes from across time find themselves in a strange and savage new land.

On secret mission for the allies, Captain America leads a shipment across the sea until they’re ambushed by a mysterious force and Steve finds himself washed up on an unknown island. Not knowing where he is or how he’s been lost, Steve proceeds to find himself defending a mysterious woman and her young son.

A young Natasha Romanov uses her training to escape the Red Room and go on the run through the forest looking for a way to the West. After being betrayed, she finds herself being rescued by a mysterious man and taken to a castle. Spider-Man is fighting the Green Goblin over the streets of Manhattan. When he miscalculates the damage from a pumpkin bomb, he winds up the main course of a lizard man dinner before escaping and finding himself in the presence of a familiar face.

The Story: Andrews has crafted an interesting and entertaining first issue. Having all of these characters from different moments in time being thrust into a new and unknown environment has the makings of a unique narrative experience for these heroes. The story is engaging and different and I love the fantasy elements that are being introduced.

The Art: Andrews has a great visual style that comes forth in this issue. There are great moments that harken back to both classic comics from the 60’s and 70’s to the beautiful pulp fantasy art of the 50’s. The style is perfect for this story and I love the classic feel of it.

Amazing Fantasy #1



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