All-Out Avengers #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Derek Landy

Art by Greg Land

Inks by Jay Leisten

Colors by Frank D’Armata

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: The Avengers find themselves facing a formidable threat in the form of Spider-Man.

The Avengers are back in the city facing off against Spider-Man who believes that they are being manipulated and that he is the only one that can help them. To make matters worse, the Avengers believe that Spidey is the one being mind controlled and doing everything they can to stop him before he can activate a device that will free everyone’s minds.

After a series of acrobatic escapes and pitched battles, the Avengers start to realize just how clever Spider-Man really is as a foe. When they finally track down Peter and the scientist helping him, everything is revealed and the heroes join forces to stop the real threat. In the aftermath, Captain America reveals that he knows something is wrong and he knows exactly who is behind it.

The Story: A fun and cool story from Landy. While the stakes continue to be a great mystery and the premise continues to be engaging, this issue adds some fun elements to the story that kept me entertained from the first panel to the last. I continue to enjoy every revelation made in this series and this issue particularly and the last few pages with just Captain America talking to the unseen narrator and nailing who he really is are fantastic. I cannot wait for the next issue.

The Art: Land delivers some bright, beautifully detailed and visually thrilling art throughout the issue. The imagery is alive and energetic with great moments for every character.

All-Out Avengers #5



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