517aac06-aliens-resistance-3-coverAliens Resistance #3

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Brian Wood

Art by Robert Carey

Colors by Dan Jackson

Letters by Nte Peikos

Ripley and Hendricks are in the first of many life-threatening scenarios in this issue. The first being that they are heading into the atmosphere of an unknown planet without a ship. They use the wake of the descending colony ship to help them and as they land on the planet, they discover that the colonists have been forced from the ship and are on the run.


Unfortunately, they’ve been released so they can be hunted.

Weyland Yutani has a plan for the colonists and it involves sending them out into the wild to be hunted by the Aliens living on the planet The fact that they are also being tracked will help the company with the next phase in their plan for the xenomorphs.

The AI aboard Hendrick’s ship fills them in on the current situation and on its plans to end the test site once and for all. A move that will light a literal fire under Ripley and Hendricks to get off the planet alive.

Brian Wood tells a well paced and compelling thriller with this issue. There is so much great tension in both the story and the dialogue and both Ripley and Hendricks remain equally engaging characters that the reader can connect to.

Robert Carey’s art is great. The ship details, alien details and technology are some of the strongest visuals in the book.



Aliens Resistance #3




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