Alien #7

Marvel Comics

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Art by Salvador Larroca

Colors by GURU-eFX

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: A colony in deep space will find its faith tested by a deadly new arrival.

Two years after the Epsilon incident, a Captain is awakened by the ship’s artificial intelligence. After investigating a problem with a member of the sleeping crew, she discovers too late that there is another threat on board. The United Americas have annexed the moon Euridice and created a colony on its surface. The colony that lives on the planet is part of a religious sect that has promised the planet if they were willing to caretake the planet and terraform it.

As Jane and her group shut down the terraforming machines, she thinks of what she’s giving up to be on this world. As she thinks about her future, she’s alerted to a UA ship entering the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the ship is not answering hails and appears to be burning in space. When it crashes on the planet, the colonists will discover that the ship is carrying a deadly cargo that is now on the loose.

The Story: Phillip Kennedy Johnson is starting a new arc in this issue and it’s off to a great start. The story was entertaining, introspective and rich in story. The colony and its residents have an interesting aesthetic and I am impressed with the directions the story takes as well as how it establishes the characters. I enjoyed the previous arc and its themes, but this one seems to be more intriguing in both theme and scope.

The Art: Larroca delivers some beautiful art in this issue. With the story taking place on a planet, the art reflects a bigger scope and allows for more details throughout.

Alien #7



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