action-comics-1012-preview-coverAction Comics #1012

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Szymon Kurdanski

Colors by Brad Anderson

Letters by Josh Reed

The Rundown: While Superman is away, the invisible mafia operating beneath the surface of Metropolis continues to play.

As rumors of Superman’s run in with the Cloud boost the confidence of the criminal underworld, the man himself is dealing with other issues, including his wayward father and the people he’s upset across the galaxy.


When Goode aka The Cloud gets a call from a potential lead, she goes to meet a low level vigilante that has information about not only who knows about Goode’s real boss, but also how Leviathan is looking to expand beyond taking down intelligence agencies.

The Story: Brian Michael Bendis has showcased a part of life in Metropolis that is rarely seen. The side that stays in the shadows of the City of Tomorrow and out of sight of the man of steel. While this opens some interesting avenues to explore from a storytelling standpoint, it also illustrates how this story and the one being told in Superman’s other comics are stretching the character so thin that potentially interesting stories are coming up short.

I’ve been interested in this storyline from the beginning. Unfortunately, its been so diluted with the Rogol Zaar storyline, the Jor-El storyline, the Zod storyline and Leviathan that this Invisible Mafia story continues to get smaller and smaller by comparison. I would like to see something happen to bridge the divide between these threads and bring them into some kind of cohesion before interest begins to wane for this story in favor of the others.

The Art: Szymon Kurdanski adds some interesting and engaging art in this issue with artwork that combines great character details and action.

Action Comics #1012




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