Abbott 1979 #5

BOOM! Studios

Written by Saladin Ahmed

Art by Sami Kivela

Colors by Dan Jackson

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: Abbott faces off against the Umbra for the life of her love and the sake of the city.

Abbott is infused with the power she needs to take on the Umbra and finds the creature inhabiting the body of Amelia. Finding herself overwhelmed by the power of the darkness and the darkness within her, Abbott has to call on some unexpected help to fight this battle.

With everything on the line and the woman she loves in mortal peril, Elena Abbott will have to summon power she’s never had before if she has any chance of saving the city.

The Story: Ahmed brings this story to a wonderfully transcendent and engrossing conclusion. Everything that Ahmed has created in this series has been building to this confrontation and it is executed brilliantly. The action is fantastic and there are some great messages in this story both for the character and the reader. A great conclusion that reminds me of everything I’ve enjoyed about this character.

The Art: Kivela delivers great art throughout the issue. There are some beautifully detailed and visually thrilling action moments throughout.

Abbott 1979 #5



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  • Allen Francis

    March 18, 2024 - 11:10 am

    I read about this comic on another site and will pick up the first arc soon. I have fallen out of love with mainstream comics and prefer indie comics like this from Boom, Aftershock, Skybound, Image and others. Love the 1979 backdrop (Im an 80s baby) and premise – looking forward to reading this.

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