A Vicious Circle #2

BOOM! Studios

Written by Mattson Tomlin

Art by Lee Bermejo

Colors by Lee Bermejo and Grant Goleash

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: The circumstances of Shawn’s journey are revealed as he fights for his life in a distant time.

Stranded in the prehistoric past, Shawn must find a way to survive the creatures trying to kill him. After finding temporary refuge and determining the only way he can travel through time, Shawn thinks back on the mission that got him in this predicament and the circumstances that connected him to a man who tried to kill him.

His thoughts drift back to the pair of them in Nazi Germany and while Shawn was defending a family from certain death, the man he’s been chasing performs an act that changes the world. An act that will bring them to the 50’s where Shawn attempts to live a normal life.

The Story: Tomlin continues to craft an entertaining and engaging story in this issue. I love seeing the evolution of this character and his circumstances. The story does a great job of crafting the back story for him as well as the world he came from. Every event and beat within the story makes me interested in knowing more and reading on.

The Art: Bermejo’s art is beautiful and every page is filled with amazing detail and an immersive art style that hooks you with every image.

A Vicious Circle #2



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