A Town Called Terror #4

Image Comics

Written by Steve Niles

Art by Szymon Kudranski

Colors by Szymon Kudranski

Letters by Marshall Dillon

The Rundown: Henry agrees to help find his mother, but his mission might not be as simple as he thought.

Henry has always had a harsh relationship with his abusive father and coming back to the town brings up all those bad memories. After deciding to help find his lost mother, Henry makes sure that his father holds up his side of the bargain. At the same time, his siblings decide to come home, but find themselves locked out.

As Henry begins the spell that will take him to his mother, he discovers too late that it is a trap. A trap that will banish him to an unknown world filled with terrors and a familiar face. At the same time, Henry’s wife decides to take a road trip to find him.

The Story: Niles crafts an intense and entertaining story with some dark twists and turns throughout. The plot moves at a great pace and allows for the reader to get more insight into Henry and his relationship to his father. The twist that follows beautifully ramps up the tension and puts Henry into a new and unknown place that I want to explore.

The Art: Kudranski delivers some beautifully detailed and darkly rich art on every page. The tones and shadows brilliantly create a mood for the reader the complements the dark storyline.

A Town Called Terror #4



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