A.X.E.: Eve Of Judgement #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Pasqual Ferry

Colors by Dean White

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: As the Avengers and the mutants of Krakoa find a rare moment of peace, a new force schemes to end one of them forever.

It’s been relatively peaceful on Earth, but the new Prime Eternal Druig knows that he needs to do something big in order to hold onto power. He’s decided that the expansion of mutants into space and sharing genetic material with Deviants make them worthy of destruction and he will create a device to wipe out Krakoa entirely. At the same time, the Eternals that have left Olympia are trying to find a way to rebuild and make amends to the Deviants who are allowing them to stay.

Druig’s plans for the mutant nation begin to take shape as Ikaris finds himself dealing with the reality of living among the people he was created to kill. Phastos is brought to Ajax and Mekkari to see if he can help them design a new god for the Eternals. Druig discovers the cost of trying to destroy Krakoa and it leads him to begin a new plan to destroy the mutants and secure his throne.

The Story: Gillen creates an interesting new story that has some great tension throughout. I like having the story unfold behind the scenes as the other characters deal with their own issues without knowledge of what is being planned for them. I enjoy all of the political intrigue as well as the twists in the story. The narration is fun and engaging despite the dark, ominous nature of the storyline.

The Art: Ferry delivers some interesting and visually engaging art throughout the issue. There are some great character moments that are enhanced by the imagery and look of the art.

A.X.E.: Eve Of Judgement #1



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