A Man Among Ye #7

Image Comics

Written by Stephanie Phillips

Art by Josh George

Colors by John Kalisz

Letters by Troy Peteri

The Rundown: Anne and company attempt to escape from prison as more than one of them harbors a secret.

In the tunnels beneath the city, Anne and company find themselves at the mercy of a bounty hunter looking to bring her in dead or alive. Anne decides she’s not going quietly and their mysterious rescuer steps in to kill the man before he reveals something about her. Something that makes one of them suspicious of her intentions. At the same time, Rackham remembers his life with Anne before everything changed and how he convinced her to become a part of his crew.

After finally escaping the tunnels, Mary notices that something is wrong with Anne. Something the woman does not want to discuss as the four of them continue their escape. Amira leads them back to the ship, but it won’t be an easy escape. As they fight to escape, Anne collapses on the deck and no one knows what’s wrong with her.

The Story: Phillips crafts an entertaining story with some great twists and turns. I enjoyed how the story fleshed out the characters of Anne and Rackham more. The adventure continues to be compelling and engaging as are the relationships between the characters. There are some great story elements at play and I continue to be impressed with the ride the reader is being taken on.

The Art: George delivers some beautifully detailed visuals throughout the issue. The action is beautiful and brutal and the characters look amazing.

A Man Among Ye #7



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