Young Hellboy #4

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Mike Mignola and Thomas Sniegoski

Art by Craig Rosseau

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Clem Robins

The Rundown: Hellboy and the Professor take on Vesperra for the fate of the world.

Scarlett is gravely injured during her confrontation with Vesperra, leaving Hellboy and the Professor to try to help her while fighting off her minions. As the creature prepares to leave the island and rule the world, the local shaman reveals he has another trick up his sleeve to stop her. As the pair fight off an army of creatures, the villagers power begins to change something within their fallen protector.

Vesperra continues her plans to remove the spell keeping the island hidden from the rest of the world as the island’s true protector gets her second wind and goes after her. In the ensuing battle, the fate of the island and possibly the world will be decided.

The Story: Mignola and Sniegoski bring this story to a satisfying and fun conclusion. There were thrills throughout and great dialogue that made you remember what is so likeable and fun about Hellboy and his adventures. I was impressed with everything in this story especially the pure fun of it.

The Art: Rosseau delivers some great visuals throughout the issue. The action is great and the characters are dynamic and full of life.

Young Hellboy #4



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