Season 1 Episode 6


While Morisuke and his men create a protective shield around the temple, Yasuke and Saki face off with the Daimyo in Azuchi Castle.

The forces of the Daimyo have surrounded the town and Morisuke and his men must find a way to give Yasuke and Saki time to escape. Using hidden tunnels beneath the town, the pair emerge directly in front of their target, the Daimyo’s base at Azuchi Castle. Unfortunately, the fight will not be easy even with Morisuke’s distraction. It will take the combined efforts of both Yasuke and Saki to breach the gates to find the Daimyo’s lair.

The episode starts with a bang and the action is non-stop throughout. Things get more complicated when Yasuke is infected by the Daimyo, he begins to have visions that compel him to follow Nobunaga. Saki rushes to his side but the power of the Daimyo might be to great to destroy.

Yasuke is under the control of the Daimyo and sent to kill Saki and things get more intense as the creature reveals its true form and its true power. What follows is an intense battle that will take both Yasuke and Saki to survive while Morisuke and the others fight the dark magic to save the temple.

The final episode of Yasuke brings together everything for the characters. The episode moves a little fast, but it is a satisfying conclusion that leaves open the possibility of more adventures for the character. I would love to see the series get another season because the story, production value, acting and animation are top notch and worth experiencing.

Yasuke S01XE06



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