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Season 1, Episode 7

We Need to Talk

Official Description – Feeling lost and confused, Mark looks for advice from Eve. At the same time, everyone’s looking for him.

The show begins with Debbie waking up the morning after an angry confrontation. She goes downstairs to find a contemplative Nolan. Debbie then pleads for the truth, but to no avail.
Nolan storms off, and soon after she is contacted by Cecil, who then escorts her to the Global Defense Agency’s HQ at the Pentagon.

After a deadly confrontation, Nolan goes in search of Mark. However, he is met by several challenges from the GDA, who are also desperate to contact his son. Sandra Oh gives a heart wrenching performance as Debbie. The character’s entire life has been turned upset down. And I could really feel her sorrow as she helplessly watched the events surrounding her family.

Meanwhile, a despondent Mark deals with the fallout of his previous actions. His relationship with Amber reaches a turning point. And a conversation with William reveals some harsh truths. In response, Mark seeks out Eve for advice and understanding.

Again, the similarities between Mark and Nolan are pointed out. They both are judgmental and demand trust without reciprocity. It is obvious that father and son are both selfish. However, one relies on friendship, and the other their own merit. I question what will happen if the two are pitted against each other.

Elsewhere, Monster Girl returns to Guardians HQ after a devastating injury. During a homecoming celebration, Robot’s odd behavior is noticed by his friends. Later, he goes to visit Mauler Twins where he reveals something shocking. As previously agreed, the Twins help Robot with an urgent matter. Yet he eventually betrays them and an altercation occurs. When Robot is suddenly called back to Guardians’ headquarters, the Twins plot revenge.

After he returns home, he surprises the Guardians with a long held secret. But, before the group can decide how to proceed, they are given disturbing information.

In the final scene, Omni-man has a deadly confrontation with an old enemy. J.K. Simmons really shows his acting range, as Omni-Man fluctuates between caring patriarch and rampaging madman. It is extremely impressive and makes the character that much more frightening.
When the credits began, I sat in complete silence. It was powerful, traumatic, and impactful.

The penultimate episode of this season is a game changer. It is also the best episode yet.
Each seen was intense and action packed and I barely had a moment to breathe. One important mystery was solved, but another grew in stature. I can’t wait to see which conflicts are resolved in the season finale, and which will carry over into a potential second season.

Invincible S01XE07



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