A7303C21-FFA6-4BB5-9E5D-CD6F408CD722X-Men Red #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Mahmud Asrar

Colors by Ive Svorcina

The issue opens with Cassandra Nova entering the Xavier Institute undetected until she comes upon a child who can see her and murders her. As tragic as the moment is, it is a clear indication from the writer that Nova will let no one stand in her way. Meanwhile in India, Jean and her team are under attack from a Sentinel. This scene gives the viewer a clear example of how Jean has grown as a character and as a leader as she directs her team to take action. It’s always great to see how these characters have progressed across the decades they’ve been read.


As the battle rages, we get to see Trinary in action as she uses her powers to take control of the Sentinel after it attacks Honey Badger. The issue takes the time to give us some idea of who this new mutant is and why she might be significant. I like that the writer took that beat to establish Trinary as something other than another disposable character. Her backstory should add some interesting layers to both her character and her position on the team.

We also seem to get the overall point of Nova’s plans as Trinary determines that people are being programmed to hate mutants. A sentiment that is not likely to change when an anti-mutant rally is interrupted by a young lady trying to make peace and Gambit trying to start some trouble. As lighthearted as Gambit likes to make a moment, this one ends tragically and adds another layer to an already sticky situation. As Jean and her team make their way back to Wakanda, they run into another problem, one that threatens everyone in the country and can destroy Jean’s experiment as well.

Taylor has done a great job of crafting this story and team. Jean is written as the capable character she should be and the people who choose to follow her add to her mission because of their faith in her. I really want to see how the team dynamics work when not in crisis as well. The art is top-notch with some great detail work and shadows. I really enjoyed this issue and want to see where the story goes next.


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