626739._SX1280_QL80_TTD_X-Men Red #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Mahmud Asrar

Colors by Ive Svorcina

Jean Grey has been publicly vilified for murdering the U.K Ambassador and the video of the incident is being used to stir up anti-mutant violence around the world. As big a threat as mutants are believed to be, the anti-mutant faction are even more scared that mutants have been offered safe haven in Wakanda.

As Jean and her team get used to exile in paradise, Jean receives a message. The message has been sent to every communication platform in the world and only Jean can unlock it. When she does, she finds a video message from a mutant technopath named Trinary who needs her help and has a story to tell. Jean decides to risk a trip to India to rescue the mutant and brings X-23, Nightcrawler and Honey Badger with her.


After finding the head of the country’s Mutant Defense Forces, they use him to find a way into the facility where Trinary is being held. As the team moves in to rescue the woman, a situation brewing outside the walls of the compound threatens to make the situation exponentially worse both for the rescue mission and keeping themselves hidden from the public. As she puts the crowd to sleep, she notices that there are three individuals who are not affected by Jean’s powers and the man holding Trinary calls on something that adds an even bigger wrinkle to their clandestine escape.

I continue to be a fan of this comic. There are so many layers to the story and the characters are given great moments to grow and explore. Jean is portrayed as someone with a firm grasp of who she is and what she is trying to do and her determination makes it easy to understand why people are willing to both follow and protect her. It’s a testament to good writing to add that new layer to an already established character and this issue does that well. Well done both in narrative and visuals.

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