X-Men Red #10

Marvel Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Roge Antonio

Colors by Rain Beredo

Letters by Cory Petit

Jean Grey has a new message for the world. A message that echoes the sentiments of Magneto and other mutant villains. A message that comes with the kidnapping of airplanes and a helicarrier full of soldiers. A message generated by Cassandra Nova.

While Jean and the rest of her team watch, Cassandra uses a sophisticated deception to give people the impression that Jean is declaring war on humanity in the name of Mutant liberation. Jean contemplates taking the bait and confronting Cassandra Nova personally, but it takes Gabby to get her to try a new strategy. After coming up with a bold plan with her team, Namor and Tony Stark, the squad heads to Genosha to confront Cassandra Nova. While cameras are rolling and the world is watching, Jean takes a bold step in her confrontation and she’s going to do it with help from Earth’s Mightiest backup.

This series continues to be relentlessly interesting and entertaining. Taylor is doing a great job of making the story both fun for the reader and unpredictable to fans. I’ve found it uniquely enjoyable to not know what it happening next and it allows me to be pleasantly surprised by the results. There is a bold conclusion to this issue and it deftly plays into the themes that Taylor has created for both this character and this team.

The art by Roge Antonio complements Taylor’s story really well and there are some beautiful panels in this issue. The progression of the art is great as well and the last pages after Jean’s team lands on Genosha are breathtaking in their dramatic build up.

X-Men Red #10




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