X-Men Black: Mystique #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Seanan McGuire

Art by Marco Failla

Colors by Jesus Aburtov

Letters by Joe Caramagna

A day in the life of the shape-shifting mutant spy is the focus of this issue and it does not disappoint. On a date with an influential junior senator, a young socialite gets a call that she has to take. When she discovers the call is for a more interesting mark than the one she’s with, Mystique decides to leave, but not before leaving the senator something to remember her by.

As Mystique makes her way to her location, she has fun with the trip and with the small amount of chaos it causes for the people around her. With her mind on her mission, Raven breaks into a Trask Industries building and their recent acquisition of a young mutant dealing with a personal tragedy is the perfect cover.

One of the best things that this issue has going for it is the fact that Mystique is keenly self-aware. As complicated as her life and loyalties have been over the years, Raven knows exactly who she is in this issue and that focus makes the story fun and interesting to read. McGuire does a great job with the dialogue, especially Raven’s narration. It goes a long way towards to establishing the characters personality as well as emphasize whose side Mystique is truly on; her own.

Marco Failla’s art is amazing in this issue and the facial expressions that he uses for Mystique are great. Every side glance conveys a sense of power and mystery as well as a grace in how the art flows with the narrative.


X-Men Black: Mystique #1




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