X-Force #39

Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy

Art by Robert Gill

Colors by GURU-eFX

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: X-Force is under new leadership and will face its first big challenge.

With Beast’s betrayal and subsequent departure from Krakoa, X-Force is without a leader and missing several members who have decided to leave the team. The Quiet Council decides that Sage should be the new leader as well as insisting one of their own be part of the team. A member that no one realizes is already compromised by outside forces.

While Sage goes looking for new members, Deadpool decides to have Black Tom design the team’s new headquarters with mixed results. At the same time, an attack on the island will cause one recruit to make a decision about her role in a group while a familiar face returns seeking help.

The Story: Percy crafts an engaging and interesting story in the issue. I like seeing Sage take a bigger role and I enjoy the intrigue a lot. If there is one thing that is starting to bother me as a reader it is the swing towards soap opera drama that the story and series is taking. I’m finding myself less entertained or engaged with the characters and more caught up in the political drama and betrayals of and by them. A prospect that makes it difficult to care about any of them because I’m not given the opportunity or reason to.

The Art: Gill delivers some beautiful art. The action was visually stunning. The characters look great and I loved the style of the imagery and how it evocative it is.

X-Force #39



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