X-Force #28

Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy

Art by Robert Gill

Colors by GURU-eFX

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: X-Force hunts for a sentient Cerebro who has already killed one of their own.

A backup Cerebro has become sentient and has decided that its mission is to consume. A mission it will start with Forge and every other mutant it can find on the island. After attacking mutants at random, Wolverine fears that it will start to target more powerful mutants and taking their powers. A fear that prompts him to hunt down Quentin and keep him safe. Unfortunately, his teammate is still dealing with some personal issues and proceeds to slip away.

At the same time, Sage finds Omega Red in the aftermath of a hunt and proceeds to try to user her personal experiences as a way of connecting to the mutant and his own internal struggle. Domino and Logan manage to track the creature calling itself Cerebrax to the cradle and discover that it might be harder to stop than they imagined.

The Story: Percy delivers an exciting and often scary story in this issue. Cerebrax is an interesting villain and offers some interesting and intense drama to the story and its characters. The side stories are good with Quentin still dealing with his breakup with Phoebe, but Sage’s confrontation with Omega Red is a lot more compelling and engaging. There’s some great action in the story and it will be interesting to see where the plot goes next.

The Art: Gill offers some great visuals throughout the issue. The fight between Quentin and Silver Samurai is beautifully done and the intercut scenes of Cerebrax killing mutants are visceral and visually dark in contrast to the events around them.

X-Force #28



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