X-Force #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy

Art by Joshua Cassara

Colors by Dean White

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Charles Xavier is dead and those responsible will feel the wrath of the Wolverine.

With Charles dead, Jean and Hank have to race the clock to both repair Cerebro and resurrect Charles before it’s too late for both the professor and the mutants of Krakoa living in fear. With the investigation ongoing and Reyes examining the bodies of the mercenaries Logan killed, the Wolverine himself will slip away to investigate on his own.


After tracking the assassins trail to Korea, Logan finds himself grace to face with Kid Omega who has information he doesn’t. The two will team up to both track the facility where these assassins were made, but also to find the missing Domino before it’s too late.

The Story: Brutal, dark and dangerous are all adjectives I would use to describe this series and this issue especially. Benjamin Percy strikes the perfect tone for this story by teaming up Logan and Kid Omega. Their contrast in personality not only adds to the drama, but also allows some levity in an otherwise serious story. I really enjoy the immediacy of this issue and the story it continues. Jean’s line about racing against the clock is perfectly encapsulated in this story with both the investigations into Charles’ murder, the new Reavers and the missing Domino all given sufficiently well plotted moments throughout this issue.

The Art: Joshua Cassara’s art is amazing. The visuals strike the perfect, complementary tone with the dark nature of the story. This art doesn’t hold back on either the brutality or the horror of what people are doing and what is being done to them. There are some stark visual moments in this issue, especially the final page.

X-Force #2




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