X-Force #18

Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy

Art by Garry Brown

Colors by GURU-eFX

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Kid Omega returns to Krakoa, but an unknown threat got there first.

A new threat has hit the shores of Krakoa and this one doesn’t need to use any artificial way to get onto the island. This one attacks the mind and has already claimed Black Tom and affected mutants like Jean Grey and others. When Quentin and Phoebe return to the island, they find another victim; Beast. After finding Sage, they bring Beast to their lab to determine what attacked him and how they can find it.

After beginning their investigation and noting that they need Beast in his compromised state to help, they find out that the creature attacking them has a connection to the group that kidnapped Domino and used her to get to the island. With every mutant on Krakoa at risk, Quentin reaches out with his powers to find the creature and discovers a threat with a direct connection to him.

The Story: Percy continues to craft an interesting arc with this story and it is all the more compelling in its connection to Kid Omega. The dialogue and plot are great. The dark elements have a great sense of fear to them. I am really enjoying the evolution of Quentin as a character as he deals with the ghosts of his past. There is great drama throughout the issue and I am intrigued with the direction the story is taking.

The Art: Garry Brown does a great job with the art. There are some great character moments depicted and the art captures the tone of the story well.

X-Force #18



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