X-Force #14

Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy and Gerry Duggan

Art by Joshua Cassara

Colors by GURU-eFX

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: The contest continues as the heroes discover more about Saturnyne’s idea of competition.

More challenges await the champions of Krakoa. Some that are relatively straightforward, others that move into the realm of the bizarre. All are controlled by Saturnyne who has her idea of what winning and losing looks like and her twisted games only seem to favor her in the end.

As she continues to manipulate events, Brian Braddock will face a debt he cannot pay, Wolverine will face the faces of those he has killed and everything from eating contests to a runway competition are thrown into the mix for good measure. The contest will them shift to a showdown between Storm and Death in an arena surrounded by the undead.

The Story: I continue to find the story to be enjoyable, but there is a tone to this contest and this storyline that is not connecting with me and it has everything to do with the stakes versus the reality. There are moments that are just too light and as much I enjoy some bizarre moments thrown into a story, there are so many here that the danger and drama of the moment is lost. So many key moments that could have added to the story are brushed aside for the sake of humor and I find myself wondering what all of this is for.

The Art: Joshua Cassara delivers some awesome art in this issue. Everything from the characters to the action looks amazing. There is a well done mix of visual moments and Cassara does a great job of delivering that imagery.

X-Force #14



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