Embark on the return of DEFENDERS OF THE EARTH, an exhilarating reimagining of the beloved adventure series, coming soon from Mad Cave Studios.

Inspired by the classic Defenders of the Earth cartoon series, writer Dan DiDio, best known for his ten years serving as co-publisher of DC Entertainment Prolific comics, along with celebrated artist Jim Calafiore (Exiles, Secret Six), join forces in this groundbreaking comic, sure to shake up the universe.

Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician and Lothar are united again in this reimagining of the classic animated series, Defenders of the Earth. Picking up with characters and storylines from the original series, Flash confronts Ming in a final battle, only to find that even greater threats await him and his teammates as they each must confront ghosts of their past to protect their families and future.

The newly-minted Defenders of the Earth comic is not just about superheroes; it’s about the human struggles and triumphs behind the masks—drawing inspiration from contemporary issues and timeless themes, while tackling relevant topics of gender, familial expectations, and the ethical dilemmas of modern heroism. With society at a crossroads and betrayal lurking in the shadows, the fate of Earth hangs in the balance. Each character grapples with their own demons, forging their own path while honoring the legacy of those who came before them.

“As a fan of the original animated series, I was excited by the opportunity to work on this title,” said Dan DiDio. “I’m hoping to build on some of the show’s classic elements and move them in new directions while exploring the personalities and lives of the characters that make the series great. One of the best aspects of the series was finding a way to unite the show’s four disparate, iconic stars following the end of their war with Ming. What sets it apart from other books featuring Flash Gordon, Mandrake, The Phantom, and Lothar is the added generational aspect of the story—that’s the fun part of writing. The father/son relationships of Flash and Rick, and Lothar and LJ; the father/daughter relationship of The Phantom and Jenna; and the mentor/protege relationship of Mandrake and Kshin are really the heart of the story. What makes and breaks these families is key to saving the world from a new and more deadly challenge.”

“I don’t say that I’m so old that I read the original strips back in the day, but every artist knows these classic characters and have been influenced by them and their creators,” said Jim Calafiore. “A lot of great artists have worked on them over the years. The challenge, and the fun, is having my name added to the list.”

Defenders of the Earth #1 from Mad Cave Studios in partnership with brand owner, King Features, hits shops Aug. 14th. 

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